Bringing Long Form Improv Training to Colorado Springs

 United Comedy was founded in order to bring the power and wonder of ensemble based improv to Colorado Springs.

You've heard of Short Form Improv – quickly improvised games as seen on Whose Line is it Anyways. Now take out the rules, the setup, the time limits of the games, and welcome to the world of Long Form Improv – that’s what we’ll focus on

Find confidence if initiating, find joy in the unknown, find your voice.



Sharla was born and raised in Augusta Georgia. After receiving her BA in Theater at Georgia Southern University, she moved to Hong Kong where she taught for two years with Dramatic English. Teaching in public schools, she used theater games to encourage children of all ages to speak English with confidence. She was part of the only regularly performing comedy club in Asia, Take Out Comedy. She performed with the house ensemble, People’s Liberation, showcasing short form improv games to locals and tourists alike. She was also part of an independent team, performing long form improv in clubs and bars in the downtown area. She then moved to Chicago where she lived for ten years. There she completed the Second City Conservatory Program, Long Form Improv Training with Jimmy Carrane, performed multiple improv and sketch shows at The Second City, The Annoyance, ComedySportz, The Public House, The iO Theater, The Playground, and Theater Wit. She finally found her home at pH Productions where she lived and breathed comedy for eight years. The pH cast eventually built their own theater in Chicago, creating unique forms for improv, sketch, full length productions, and musicals. After joining pH, she quickly got involved in The College Program, coaching students at Loyola University who rehearsed to perform weekly as part of College Night at The Annoyance Theater during the school year. And finally, before leaving Chicago she created the NSFW Podcast, creating and performing more than 50 episodes with Universehead Productions.